Team Arcana Soul

"'Cus doing nothing is no fun"

About us

Who are we?

Team Arcana Soul is a small game developer team striving to be competitive in the ever growing indie game developer scene in Indonesia.

What do we do?

We make games based on our interest. We have created games for PC and Android ,and are planning to create much more.

What do we value?

Alongside with the passion for the gaming industry, we value those who possess the basic skills and are willing to learn new ones to help us create new and exciting games.

Our Projects

Arcana Soul

The one which started it all. A fantasy RPG Game made using RPG Maker 2003 Engine. Discontinued, but may be re-inisiated in the near future.

Cafe Lajoie

Unity-based android game storied around a small cafe with the same name. Play mini-games with employees there and get to know them better.

Project Anonymous

To be Continued

Our Team

Main Team

Roster of talented individuals currently a part of our team. Different we maybe, but united we are.


Peoples and groups who have contributed in one of our projects. Though not much, we appreciate them as much as anyone would.


Yes, you.

Contact us

Thank you for visiting our page. If you are intrested in one of our project, like report on some bugs in on of our projects, have some inquiry to make, or would like to contact us for any purpose, please contact us anytime.


Line : reinfreebird