What's the story?

A mysterious boy appeared on a small town. It was at night, the sky was dark, he can only see the lights of lamps from insides of the houses he walks by. It was heavily raining, cold, harsh raindrops hit him every second he walks. Never knewing his origins, relatives, his name, he travel across the land called Terra looking for what he want all his short live. A warm shelter, good food, nice clothes, and above all, a family.

Now grown up, he decided to walk the live of a bounty hunter, scavagering across the continent to hunt down criminals and such. Along the way, mystery of his origin begin to surface, as the conspiracies of a group plotting to take over the world unravels

And so, his adventure begins.


Main Party

Rein Freebird

Class: Swordman

Age: 17 years old

Weapon: Greatsword

Origin: Unknown

"Let's go."

Tino Valentine

Class: Taekwondoo

Age: 18 years old

Weapon: Unarmed

Origin: Baumland

"I'll kick you in the face, so fast, you'll fly to yesterday."

May Freebird

Class: Archer

Age: 15 years old

Weapon: Bow and Arrow

Origin: Baumland

"I won't miss a target."

Download (Windows only)

Arcana Soul v 0.2.zip(45 MB)